Job Shop Technology

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Approximate prices:
License, price for 1 year
* L1, 1-20 production facilities: 2000 Eur
* L2, 21-40 production facilities: 2250 Eur
* L3, 41-80 production facilities: 2500 Eur
* L4, 81-160 production facilities: 2750 Eur
* L5, 161-300 production facilities: 3000 Eur
Progan JobShop is free for non-commercial purposes.
Progan JobShop is free for commercial use (companies) in the following countries: India, Peru, Cuba, Brazil.

We have been putting mind to solving Job Shop problem (MOT) since 1990 onwards. The College (VUT-Brno) worked out new mathematical model which solved solve the problem more effectively. Since this task it has been demonstrated NP problem (optimal solution is impossible in real time), and therefore also was tested different heuristics. All heuristics have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Later, examining the practical application, we realized that the problem should be inserted in the design and even more complicated elements, which are mathematical models could not effectively manage. This kind of experience had really blundered away the development and more years was passed away. And then we have found the solution after some years. We had to realize that we must engage the human factor in the design in addition to the mathematical model.

JobShopScheduling Another problem is that the design usually requires a very large number of input datas. If there is not an appropriate company database and infrastructure, the application of the method is virtually impossible. Fortunately, the flow of time has been solved in the most of companies by a wide-range of IT systems extension.

Considering in the most cases the companies use different IT systems, so the program is designed to be easily attached to any IT system of import and export. This solution makes possible not to have to purchase complete systems because it can be designed in, for example. SAP and other systems, only to create the existing system of import and export modules.

The planning itself goes on in several phases, which enables the use of the human factor in the design. To do this, we organize trainings where we teach the users of the program to use it in effective way.

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