Job Shop Visual Production Scheduling

visplan Our goal was to create a program where visually visible and planned scheduling of tasks and compliance with deadlines can be planned. The Job Shop Visual program provides users with tools that can be used with high efficiency to design according to the requirements. To do this, we organize training sessions where we learn how to use the program efficiently. Currently, the program performs a certain design, but optimization needs to be done manually. (One of the reasons is that most heuristic optimization algorithms can not currently take into account the complexity and needs that occur very often in real-world production.)

Video: Job Shop Visual, program options in English (En) JobShop_Scheduling_6000_Operations_3 JobShop_Scheduling_6000_Operations_1 JobShop_Scheduling_6000_Operations_2

Job Shop Visual program parameters
* Operating system: Windows xx
* The program does not only work with simple sequencing, but a whole network can create a single job.
* Individual work time can be set for each machines (scheduled maintenance, etc.).
* Holidays can be individually assigned to all machines.
* Simultaneous use of mixed and sequential manufacturing processes (consecutive).
* The program has been tested for over 6000 operations.

Scheduling - basic principles
* Tasks that have already begun in production will continue to be automatically resumed.
* Each job may be mandatory or mobile with deadlines. Fields with mandatory deadlines will be planned for the given deadline.
* The program gives preference to jobs that have higher preference.

* Everything the program does is customizable by the user as desired.
* All manual changes can be retrieved and reset.
* In planning, online utilization of machines is evaluated.
* Designing online violates mandatory time limits.
* All resource conflicts are instantly flagged and can be used for automatic conflict resolution.
* Onlie can be used to modify the duration of tasks, start date, material needs and workplace.

Better Asset usage, the right product at the right time, less inventory, less waste.
* Reduce troughput time 30%
* Recuce inventory 15%
* 14% less error in production

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