Download Job Shop Visual

The program is free of charge for the purpose of the testing. JobShop Visual is inexpensive and quick to implement and increases efficiency. For testing, can create data manually or with import. More about this, can be read under the Import-Export keyword. The program currently supports MySQL and MSSQL database for two, but it can be changed to any SQL database (Oracle, Sybase etc.) The database tables needed to create a SQL file containing the JobShop.sql. The program database connection must be set JobShop.ini file, eg .:

JobShop [MySQL=1]

Download: (, for MySQL 2019-05-07, ver. 2019-05-07

Job Shop Visual install JobShop_Scheduling_6000_Operations_3
* 1. Download and install MariaDB (MySql) Server ( or WAMP Server)
* 2. Download and install ODBC driver GA versions (Connector/ODBC 5.3.12) for windows or from ODBC MariaDB
* 3. Download and install HeidiSQL for MariaDB (MySql)
* 4. Close Skype before start MariaDB Server or WAMP server
* 5. Start MariaDB Server or WAMP server
* 6. Start HeidiSQL
* 7. Create database JobShop, engine: InnoDB, charset: utf8
* 8. Load JobShop.sql for SQL execute
* 9. Execute SQL (create jobshop database and tables)
* 10. Set JobShop.ini - connection string to jobshop database
* 11. Start program JobShop.exe